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Plant The Seeds For Success



Common Forage

  • In spring sow 200lb/acre alone or 120lbs/acre mixed
  • Peas like well-drained clay loam soils with a neutral pH (6.5 – 7.5) and average fertility
  • Average nitrogen production is 100lb/acre
  • Vine length 120cm
  • Leafy variety

CDC Meadow

  • Yellow cotyledon field pea cultivar
  • A semi leafless leaf type
  • Powdery mildew resistance
  • Medium sized round seeds
  • Good yielding ability
  • Early maturing
  • Very good resistance to Powdery Mildew 


  • A cereal
  • Used for livestock feed and forage
  • Excellent in mixes with peas


  • A reliable cover crop in summer
  • Establishes quickly, which suppresses summer weeds
  • Plants grow quickly, beginning to produce seed in about 6 weeks, ripening at 10 – 11 weeks
  • Grows 30 – 50inches or 75 – 125 cm tall
  • Broadleaf crop in the same plant family as rhubarb, not related to any other wheat
  • Excellent rotation crop in small grain cropping systems
  • Adapted to a wide variety of soils and climates

Fall Rye

  • It is well adapted to a wide range of soil types and conditions; it grows well on light, sandy erosion-prone land although it does respond to better soil types and fertility
  • It will not perform on saline or very acid soils
  • Seed shallow, usually less than 1 inch deep, and place the required amount of phosphorous fertilizer right with the seed at the time of seeding